Your source for low cost Private Label Packaging & Co-Packaging

Private Labeling - We can place your label or brand on any of our products.

Co-Packaging - We can utilize your recipe, prepare it for mass production and package and label under your Brand.

In either case, you can handle your own marketing and distribution deals, or we can help in these areas as well.

• Specializing in packaging fruit juices, soft drinks, water, beer, canola oil and more
• We package glass bottles, PET containers, plastic jugs and cans with your very own label. It begins with state of the art manufacturing facilities
• D’Angelo Brands is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of beverages and food products to major Canadian retailers and U.S. marketing companies
• Quality control monitoring ensures quality is much more than just a buzz word
• Flexible warehousing and logistical capabilities to meet your needs. We can produce your private label or national brand products using your recipe and packaging or use our recipe and packaging
• We ship anywhere in the world
• We provide quotes for different quantities and sizes

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